Personalize your messages, e-mails and tweets with all kinds of special symbols and characters — that will be readable on any iPhone, Mac and most PC applications.


No two messages alike

Uniconsole includes enough different symbols and foreign alphabets to lose yourself in, plus a series of filter you can automatically apply to regular text in order to make it stand out (or unreadable — your choice).

You can copy individual symbols to the pasteboard by just tapping them, or you can prepare an entire message in the editing field, then copy it all by tapping the scissors. You can even tap-hold the scissors to tweet or email right from Uniconsole.


A simple, easy interface

Swipe between several panes of the most common symbols for quick access; swipe all the way to the right for a complete list of just about every symbol and emoji your iPhone is capable of displaying; swipe to the right to apply text filters (upside-down, strike-through, etc.).

The first quick-access pane is customizable: tap-hold on a symbol elsewhere on the app and it will be added to your favorites; tap-hold on a favorite and it will be removed.

You can also tap-hold an empty button in the favorites pane in order to add a missing symbol that you've copied from outside the app. For instance, select and copy Apple's logo below in Safari, then add it to your favorites:

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